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Young Leaders



Join Hands to Make the Difference

The Youth

Silicon Andhra believes in the power of youth to serve the community in a very meaningful way. Silicon Andhra believes together we can do great things. Do you know that the majority of charitable donations nationwide come from people who give between $10 and $20? Cash donations from individuals or families can be solicited through letter-writing campaigns, phone calls, door-to-door canvassing, and through SiliconAndhra website. Ravi Prakash Silicon Andhra Sanjivani Hospital was built with the generous support of thousands of donors across the globe and now the collective effort is to procure medical equipment to make this hospital fully functional to serve 600,000 villagers in rural india.

The simple motto is that ‘Each Give a Little to Create a Lot’. Our belief is that if we extend our hand, people will get up and be able to stand on their own to lead a happy life with a bright future. Ordinary people together can do extraordinary things. Sanjivani Hospital could be made a reality by thousands of dreamers coming together. Earnestly hope that if we all do this so we might just awake to a better world we all want to live in happily.


The Young Leaders

SiliconAndhra is looking for young Young Leaders who are passionate about community service without borders. The Young Leaders reach out to make a significant social impact in rural India with the current Sanjivani Hospital project. If you are passionate about the opportunity to bring positive change in the lives of many people and contribute to better healthcare in rural communities, then you are a Future Young Leader for Humanity. Silicon Andhra welcomes you to join FYLH Team.

What is expected of The Young Leader?

  • The Young Leader is expected to create awareness about better healthcare in rural India
  • The Young Leader should work closely with a  FYLH Mentor
  • The Young Leader is self-driven to reach out to potential donors
  • The Young Leader needs to maintain and update donor’s data online on their personalized url as directed by the mentor.
  • The Young Leader should attend the National zoom meetings once a month and also the Mentor meetings as scheduled.
  • Young leader is expected to work in a  focused and goal oriented fashion.
  • The Young Leader could take all the necessary help and guidance from the FYLH Mentor to reach the goals
  • The Young Leader should use all promotional material provided online and offline
  • Young leader is expected to participate actively in at least 2 fundraising drives per academic year.
  • Young leaders are encouraged and guided to take part in at least one community service locally.
  • The Young Leader should take the help from parents, friends and relatives to propagate the mission of providing better healthcare in rural India
  • The Young Leader should experience the FUN part of FUNdraising
  • Young Leader who meets above criteria and the hours as per the PVSA guidelines,  will also be considered by the Mentors to nominate for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards.

The Young Leader Qualifications

  • The Young Leader should be in the age group of 8 years to 25 years
  • Passion for community service
  • Ability to reach out to people with good communication skills
  • Empathy towards others.
  • Internet Savvy


Congratulations on your first step towards serving humanity in rural India. While you passionately drive the simple motto of “Each Give a Little to Create a Lot “, to give affordable care to the rural population in India. SiliconAndhra would like you  have a  targeted approach to accomplish desired goals and receive awards for your humanitarian work towards Project SANJIVANI.

The Program will run in 4 cycles.


Fall Winter Spring Summer
        Sept 1st - Nov 30th        Dec 1st - Feb 28th                 March 1st - May 31st           June 1st - Aug 31st



Kids who accomplished above targets will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation, for their efforts.

       Download Donor Data Sheet 


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