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SiliconAndhra is launching Future Young Leaders for Humanity (FYLH) program to Attract, Educate and Mentor 5,000 children aged 10+, to grow them into well-informed, passionate and responsible leaders.

You have the unique opportunity to be among 250 Global Mentors who will lead the FYLH program, and raise awareness and financial resources for Project Sanjivani.

 Your Role as a Mentor

●      Inspire children to think about and be informed about global challenges in healthcare

●      Explain how healthcare system works in various regions around the world (US Model, European Model, India Model)

●      Inform about Silicon Andhra’s big mission to build World-Class Healthcare Facilities, starting with the Heritage ‘Pride of India’ Village of Kuchipudi

●      Share the healthcare challenges in Rural India, the corrupt practices of corporate hospitals in cities, how poor people cannot afford or access good healthcare

●      Educate about Sanjivani Hospital, how it started, where is it right now, how it will transform the region and serve over 500,000 people


Mentors have the unique opportunity to shape these young leaders into developing the character and skills to serve humanity.


Mentor Activities

●      Identify and enroll 20 children into your team. Let each interested student to pitch to you in a 100-word essay, why they want to be in FYLH and be part of this global initiative

●      Organize 4 x 30 min sessions to cover the topics above. We will provide presentation materials and also train you on the content

●      Brainstorm ideas with your young leaders about how to raise awareness and to raise financial resources

●      Help them execute those ideas in their communities

●      Help them set and meet quarterly targets: $250, $500, $750, $1000

●      Provide fortnightly reports to us, and also have a young leader available to share their success stories Mentors


Benefits of being a Mentor

●      Global recognition on Sanjivani website with your Photo and Bio

●      Free signed copy of ‘The Art of Mentoring’ book by Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli, signed by Author

●      Free signed copy of ‘Gratitude’ book by Rajesh Setty,

●      Invitation to 4 x 45 min private webinars (1 per quarter) by highly-respected business and social leaders

●      Private guided tour in Kuchipudi Village and Sanjivani Hospital area, when you visit India (please inform us 4 weeks in advance)


 Frequently Asked Questions

 I signed up as a Mentor, what next?

We will organize a kick-off conference call to welcome you and provide further instructions. You will also receive regular emails on the program.

Can I invite others from my network to sign-up as a Mentor?

Yes, absolutely. We need passionate and dedicated people like you so spread the word and bring good people for this very noble cause.

Can anyone join as a Mentor?

Mentors should be aged 21+ and be able to inspire children to join their team, and also have a passion for teaching and social work to make impact in the world.

What do children get by being a FYLH?

Children will be given Volunteer Hours and Special Badges for meeting their Awareness and Fundraising Targets. We will share these details during the kick-off conference and provide materials that you can share with your team of children and their parents.


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